5 tips to wear a miniskirt

The miniskirt is undoubtedly a very sexy garment that exalts the beauty of the female legs. However, many times you do not have enough care to look smooth and turned. Do not worry! GetQoralHealth has 5 tips to have perfect legs.

1. During the shower, apply a jet of cold water on the legs to activate the circulation and avoid the annoying varicose veins .

2. To prevent cellulitis , make a massage with a horsehair glove daily, this way you eliminate cells dead of the skin and you avoid the accumulation of adipose tissue .

3. If you can not do exercise constantly, walk or climb the stairs whenever you have a chance, this way you burn calories and you tone the muscle s of the legs.

4. In order to tone them, he makes adjustments, advances the left leg of the right leg and lowers slowly. Do 30 repetitions on each side.

5. To remove the heaviness, boil two tablespoons of salt with a little white vinegar. When the water is warm, submerge the feet and massage up to the knee.

Follow these simple tips and look spectacular this summer with your miniskirt. Do not forget to apply moisturizing cream after bathing. Good luck!

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Video Medicine: 4 Ways To Wear: The Mini Skirt | Outfit Ideas + Lookbook + How To Style (May 2021).