5 tips to wax with wax

The waxing is one of the most effective and durable to eliminate the hair ; to achieve the expected results follow these simple tips and look a skin beautiful:

1. Skin sensitivity test: It is important to perform a small test in a specific area of ​​the body to verify that the use of wax does not cause any type of alteration in the skin as rash or irritation .

2. Avoid using body creams before hair removal: never use creams or oils before shaving. If the foot When it is oily the wax does not adhere well to the hair and as a result they are not completely eliminated. For best results, remember that the skin It must be clean and dry.

3. Take care that the hair is not too long: so that waxing It is less painful, especially in areas such as bikini and armpits. To depilate these areas it is recommended to previously cut the hair between 2 and 5 mm with scissors, so that when applying the wax, eliminate the hair with a single movement.

4. Say no to hot wax: Hot wax can cause redness or Burns severe in the skin . Therefore, it is recommended to use cold wax , since in addition to offering the same results as the hot one, it does not harm the health of the skin .

5. Never shave on a special day: If you have an important event such as your graduation or your best friend's wedding, never shave the same day. After the application of the wax, the skin tends to redden for a few minutes, so the ideal thing is to do it two days before, with that you will ensure that your legs look soft and beautiful.

With these practical tips depilarte with wax will stop being a torture. Follow them! And make this hair removal method your best weapon to wear a skin soft and smooth

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