5 tips to strengthen your daughter's self-esteem

As a mom, you're sure that your daughter grows up feeling happy and confident. And although it is a complicated mission, because of the social pressure to "fit" in certain canons of beauty, you can contribute to improving your self-esteem.

One way to do this is to strengthen your self-esteem and accept your body. Doing a review, I found 5 ways to teach your daughters to love their body and be safe adults.

Never tell her to behave like a "young lady"

They told me so much that I had a terrible time when I wanted to play and believe me, your daughters too if you tell them to behave like ladies.

Using this phrase constantly only causes you to believe that you only want it if it is impeccable and will only grow with insecurities.

Watch how you talk about other women in front of them

Children look like sponges! And for that reason remember very well how you express yourself; If your daughter listens to you say that "Fulanita looks fat" "Perenganita is very old", you may think that a woman is only desirable if she is thin and young.

Caring how we talk about our gender helps to keep the correct message that the physical is not important if not other qualities.

Be coherent and flexible with you

Do not be so harsh and critical of your person because then your daughters will not believe you; if you are teaching them that they should love their bodies as they are but, you express that you look too fat or your skin is horrible, they will not believe you.

Talk about talented women without talking about their physique

Characters such as Mulán or Mérida are clear examples of these. Find examples of women who inspire for their talents is ideal to see that the physical is not everything.

Praise their talents and ask how they feel

Remember that your daughters are exposed to criticism and, if a classmate bothers you or highlights your child's flaws, please, do not answer with a "do not pay attention to them, you are pretty".

Better listen to it and let it tell you how it feels, solve your doubts and explain the situation to you, without forgetting that you also have other qualities and talents that are not physical.

Courtesy Lola told me. @MelodijoLola

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