5 tips to improve your breathing

It is a daily action, essential to live, but how well do you do it? Improving your breathing will allow you not only to optimize your circulatory system, but also help you to release the psychic and physical tension that you have.

However, how is it possible to improve your breathing? GetQoralHealth with information of the publication Man'sHealth , you will be given five tips that will allow you to take care of it and increase its benefits:

1. Alveoli These are the mixers that combine blood with oxygen. Inside the smaller tubes, oxygen enters the blood thanks to these thin infinitesimal membranes. To improve its functioning nothing better than taking an aspirin.

A study of Harvard University, in the United States, it indicates that people who took 325 mg. of aspirin every two days, they had 22% less chance of developing asthma, able to attack the walls of the alveoli.

2. Thoracic box . External cover responsible for protecting the lungs; To improve your condition perform dumbbell pulls on your head and chest (lying on your back). This exercise increases the muscle of your rib cage, which improves your ability to give space to the lungs.

3. Trachea. Improve it by drinking more water. A good hydration helps the mucus is moist, which facilitates your ability to cough, according to specialist Suman Golla, of the University of Pittsburgh , in United States.

4. Bronchi. A simple hygiene action can make a difference. Wash the sheets, the mites (microbugs that live in your bed) can cover the bronchi, but according to studies of the University of Arkansas, in the United States, Changing blankets can reduce your exposure to them by up to 66%.

5. Diaphragm. Do abdominal crutches, research from the Cleveland Clinic in the United States, reveal that the muscles of the stomach assist the diaphragm, so a stronger abdomen gives you more energy to fill the lungs.

These simple tips will help you improve your breathing and see and inhale life in a different way. Try it!

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