5 tips to improve the self-esteem of your children

According to a study of the University of Meryland , encourage a good self esteem in children improves their emotional and cognitive development.

This research indicates that during the childhood Personality and integral well-being are determined in adult life. To improve the self esteem of your kids, GetQoralHealth gives you the following tips.

1. Avoid making comparisons between your children, as there is always someone who loses. This type of message is very negative for the self esteem of a child who will always feel in the shadow of one of his brothers.

2. Gestures of affection and verbal caresses immediately provide emotional well-being in a child. Tell him you want it, never take it for granted that he knows it.

3. The games, besides being fun, are an excellent stimulus to feed the self esteem of the kids. Play with your children and do activities that strengthen family ties such as riding a bicycle, walking in the park or just watching a movie.

4. Do not confuse affection with material goods, many parents for not having time to share with their children compensate with gifts, this long-term fact generates an emotional vacuum in children. Avoid falling into it.

5. Children can also assume responsibilities according to their age. At home, they can help with household chores, raise the table, accommodate their toys etc. In this way, they will know that their help is of the utmost importance to the family .

If you detect that your child has problems of insecurity and self esteem very high, it may be necessary to resort to a therapy . To have better results look for a psychologist specialized in children.

Video Medicine: Building Self-esteem in Children (May 2020).