5 tips to discover your hidden talent

A recent investigation of the University of Santa Clara suggests that having a vocation it is essential for emotional well-being. Learning to exploit our talents makes us feel fulfilled. So that you discover your talents and find your vocation , GetQoralHealth recommends the following tips.

1. Examine your satisfaction: The first step to find your vocation is to examine your level of frustration, emptiness or fullness in life. In this way you detect your creative discontent and you can start with the search for a change.

2. Eliminate fear: The majority of people believe that if they dedicate themselves to what they like, they will fail. On the contrary to what is thought, those who take care of their interests are healthier, more successful and happier.

3. Explore your strengths: The talents They can be natural or learned. A study of Positive Psychology It suggests that the character of people has five main virtues that can raise your potential as you cultivate them.

4. Everything to your measure: If a job is too easy for you, it bores you; but if it is very difficult, it frustrates you. When there is a balance between the challenge and the skill , and you use your talent to do it, "flow" in such a way that the hours pass without realizing it and without losing enthusiasm.

5. Practice: The common denominator of successful people is the "10 thousand hours" rule. An investigation of the University of Pennsylvania It suggests that for a talent to excel it must invest a lot of time to practice it. Do you hear the saying that practice makes the teacher?

Finally, remember that it's never too late to find your vocation This can happen at any age and implies a total change in favor of motivation and well-being. And you, did you already discover your talent?

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Video Medicine: 4 ways to find your hidden talent (February 2023).