5 tips to care for the elderly

This August 28 is celebrated in Mexico grandfather's day , who is a fundamental part in our lives. According to Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), between 30 and 50% of people over 65 years of age, who are independent and live in their home, have suffered at least one year fall at home .

Therefore, here we give you some advice, to protect them and take care of them, since they have done it for many years. So take note and treat them as they deserve:

1.- Install well-anchored bars so that they are held in the showers and tubs, if necessary a place to sit.

2.- Place non-slip mats in the showers, tubs and places of exit.

3.- Preferably use liquid soap with a dispenser and install it at the appropriate height, to prevent the elderly from tipping over and falling vertigo in the shower.

4.- Put additional cushions on the seat of sofas or chairs, which allows them to sit and stand with less effort.

5.- For adults of more advanced age, it is preferable that furniture have arms.

If you add to this, a dose of love and attention, so that they live in a safe and happy environment, their quality of life will improve, because it is in adulthood when people require more emotional reinforcers to feel good.

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