5 tips to care for male skin

There are three physiological factors that differentiate skin masculine of the feminine: thickness, firmness and sebaceous secretion . The masculine one is 24% more thick than the feminine one, reason why it is more resistant; In addition, the amount of cutaneous fat secreted by man is much greater for reasons hormonal , therefore it has more flaws and imperfections.

As it is a skin different should be taken care of with specific products, in GetQoralHealth we give you 5 tips to take care of you skin :

1. Make a Facial Cleansing daily with products according to your own style of skin . Do not use the same soap or gel that you use for the shower, since it dries it; it is better to opt for a product with PH neutral or some anti bacterial if there are impurities or granites

2. Prepare your skin for shave . Procure shave only after taking a bath so that the pores be wide open Use some balm to protect it from irritation and avoid products with alcohol or menthol .

3. After shave , use a cream (after shave) that refreshes and hydrates your skin . Prefers those that are moisturizing and nourishing.

4. Apply creams or gels to the contour of eyes to eliminate bags and dark circles , since this area is extremely delicate. A natural option to combat them are chamomile with a few drops of lanolin for about 15 minutes.

5. Apply one Anti-wrinkle cream to prevent their appearance, since although they take longer to leave than in the women, they tend to be much deeper and marked. The man has a skin firmer and age later, but more abruptly

Unlike women, the skin of the cheeks and neck of men, being subjected to shaved off , has a greater tendency to dehydration and dryness. Therefore, this tips will be of great help to prevent the premature aging and other conditions of the skin .

Video Medicine: 5 Tips for Healthy Skin (June 2023).