5 tips to be happy

Sometimes people seek the happiness in many things or situations, without realizing that you can have it in the blink of an eye, since you happen to be happy you should only leave aside the habits that block personal and emotional growth.

According to Huffington Post, the human being realizes things that little by little are diminishing the happiness, reason why it is important to detect them and to correct them in time to prevent a depression or feelings of sadness or loneliness. Here are five tips to be happy:

1.- Stop blaming: Blame is one of the tactics to avoid taking responsibility for a result. It is much easier to point a finger at someone or something instead of looking inside yourself. This method is not constructive, because it only generates stress and energy waste. Better recognize your mistakes and learn from them.

2.- Forget about impressing others: Accept who you are and know your virtues, defects, strengths and vulnerabilities. When a person has confidence in himself, he stops worrying about what others say.

3.- Do not be the victim: If you are trapped in this type of mentality you will not leave space for your personal growth and to be happy. Take control of your life and enjoy every moment you live and learn from every mistake you make.

4.- Give without receiving anything in return: If you think you have the right to receive or be praised for giving or helping, you are very wrong. If you are born auxiliary to others stay with the feeling of satisfaction that provides, because otherwise you could only live disappointments.

5.- Forget perfection: Trying to be perfect all the time to be accepted and valued can reduce your happiness and energy. Better try to be authentic to have a direct and sincere connection with others.


More tips to be happy

In an interview for GetQoralHealth, Claudia Lizaldi, host of Our Day! gives you some tips to be happier every day:

It is important that you focus on your own life and your needs, so that you fulfill your goals and to be happy; forget what others do and others' criticism. Choose to criticize your actions and always try to improve it. And you, what do you do daily to be happy?