5 tips to achieve a healthy relationship

It is important to maintain a healthy relationship, that is, within an area of ​​warmth and affection, in order to avoid anything that may reduce happiness, such as monotony.

Not appreciating or recognizing our partner as such, as the person we choose to share our life with all its joys, problems, challenges, successes and failures that life holds, will inevitably lead to ruin.

We must always remember that a healthy relationship is not the product of good luck but of the work we dedicate to it; the relationship needs to be nurtured and taken care of, that is, to provide constant maintenance, for which the following is suggested:


  1. Recognize your partner's qualities and tell him how good you feel about this. For example: How good I feel because you are generous or patient. He admires his appearance, how tasty the food he prepared was. This activity do it daily.
  2. Give quality time at least once a week. Do activities that both enjoy: play, laugh, among others. During this time important activities and conversations will take place. Also throughout the day, choose moments to reiterate mutual affection through verbal or written messages as well as emotional contacts (massages, caresses)
  3. Perform acts of service to the couple. For example, give him a foot massage when he or she arrives from work, bring breakfast to bed, prevent children from making noise if he or she is resting.
  4. Dare to change the routines.
  5. Thank each other for having met and live together.

Respect and communication are key to achieving a healthy relationship, as both will know 100% how to feel, think and act of the person they have by their side. And you, how do you foster a good relationship?

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