5 tips for single mothers

Raising a child like mother Single is a very normal situation in society, especially in the field of show business. Many of the celebrities who are single mothers have decided it out of conviction, or because they have divorced their partners.

On this Mother's Day, GetQoralHealth wants to recognize the effort made by single mothers, so it offers 5 tips to improve the relationship with your children:

  1. Share your feelings with your children, this will narrow their affective bonds
  2. Avoid speaking ill of the father of your children in front of them
  3. Give your child quality time. Try to enjoy the times you spend with him
  4. Brinda trust to your child and promotes open communication with him
  5. Do not fulfill all your whims. Teach her that everything entails an effort, so that she understands the value of actions and things


Single mothers of show business

Gloria Trevi and her Angel Gabriel: We all remember the emotional moment when Angel Gabriel's arms were extended to receive his mother, after the singer spent eight months in a prison in Chihuahua. This little one, procreated with Sergio Andrade in very strange conditions, has been the motor of the singer to face his problems.

In the interviews she gave after leaving the penitentiary, the Pelo Suelto interpreter stated that as a single mother she would work hard to give her child what is necessary.

Alejandra Guzmán: She is proud of her status as a single mother. In 1992, she temporarily interrupted her career to enjoy Frida Sofía, product of her relationship with Pablo Moctezuma.

The singer has said that Frida's education is what worries her most, and that she would not like to be the type of mother who does not let her children fulfill their goals.

Erika Buenfil: She became a mother through an act of love. The actress has declared that it will not be "neither the first nor the last one that decides to be a single mother, so I do not have nerves, much less fear. If God wanted it to happen at this moment, it's fine and I accept it with pleasure. "

Surely being single mothers is a challenge; However, the love and affection of the children make it worth the effort and struggle of each day. A hug to all the women who have to fulfill the role of father and mother.

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