5 tips for reconciliation

Misunderstandings are the order of the day before the marriage , a lot for the tension and another because the communication is not as good as you would like. So with everything and the good will that both share so that everything goes perfect, setbacks occur with a certain frequency that in the name of love, there is a tender reconciliation between the two.

Although we must always express ourselves in favor of this feeling, we must be very fair and analytical after a disagreement because they can be warning signals that foreshadow major problems if they do not take the necessary measures before continuing. The advice is to not get carried away by the pleasure of the reconciliation and consider the following points to ensure that everything continues smoothly.

1. Look for the opportunity to speak calmly and clarify misunderstandings, as soon as possible, otherwise the problem may get bigger.

2. Precede the respect and love that you have. Listen to each other with attention and without interruption, you can give feedback when everyone has finished exposing their point of view.

3. Show your goodwill yielding when necessary, all in favor of things going well for both parties. It should be clarified that both should be honest in what they can accept willingly and without implying an extreme sacrifice.

4. Aim to improve your communication , nothing to keep quiet or assume that the other should make all decisions. Speak with freedom and confidence that agreements will always come, above all, assume as your standard to prudence and good judgment.

5. More than valid to do your ritual of reconciliation , as loving and creative as the head and heart give them, but do not forget that everything must be perfectly clear and solved, before giving way to the feast.

The organization of a wedding is the most important test of how prepared they are to respond and make decisions together, use this experience in their favor and take advantage to establish their internal communication code, so no setback will represent a reason for disgust and yes a good reason to strengthen your relationship.

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