5 tips for children's hygiene

One of the most common complaints or doubts of mothers is about the hygiene of children, because they do not know what to do to learn these tasks, which are important for the rest of their lives.

For proper hygiene of children, it is vital that they learn tasks such as go to the bathroom, shower or brush your teeth for themselves.

Hygiene can easily become a martyrdom for Mom because the child is still small, but he must start doing things on his own; But how to train them without risking their safety?

1. Everything is a game. Remember is that children are knowing the world, touch, observe and imitate everything. Take advantage of this to start instilling hygiene habits that will make you feel good.

2. In the bathroom . Leave the diaper It is one of the most difficult things, because children do not see the need to get rid of this comfortable article.

To make it easier and start using the toilet, it is very practical to have an adapter that reduces the hole in the toilet. In fact, try to have steps so you do not need your help to reach it.

3. When showering . Many do not enjoy this moment because they once suffered from a bump in the bathtub or from the cold they feel when they get out of the water.

It is important that we teach them to enjoy the water, in addition to using bath protectors that protect them from bumps, give them toys to entertain themselves and, in the end, use a towel with a hat to cover it completely from the cold, which avoids cold .

4. Dental cleaning . Make it wash your teeth , especially at night, is complicated because all they want is to go straight to sleep. Facilitate the task with an electric toothbrush. Make sure it is soft and round head.

5. Wash your hands . Teach him to enjoy the water in his hands and the soap bubbles. You can fit in the bathtub a sink with smaller edges so that, with the help of a bench, enjoy more of this experience.

Remember that it is so important that you perform these tasks correctly, such as celebrating your achievements, instead of scolding for what you did not want to do. This has greater positive effects and allows you to have more Self-confidence .

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