5 tips for a 5 km race

The first step you have to give to run , in your time, a 5-kilometer race is to be determined to do it; do not press and go at your pace. The important thing is that you have prepared yourself beforehand, that is, that you have some physical condition to avoid hurt you

Therefore, in GetQoralHealth We give you some keys to achieve this and that this Sunday, May 27, which takes place for the eighth time Bonafont Race , be 100% prepared. Take note:

1. Rest well. The key to performing in a exercise , is that you have a dream Pleasant and you sleep on average 8 hours.
2. Have breakfast . It is important that before you go to your career, eat something. The ideal is to consume some fruit, such as bananas for the potassium it contains, with a little cereal and tea.
3. Define your time . Now that you are ready to run, it is important that you set a real goal; If it's the first time, maybe you can think about an hour and a half, to go at a slow pace, but if you already have experience you could improve between 3 to 4% your previous time.
4. Check your steps. If your goal is to complete the 5 kilometers in 30 minutes, the average step is 5 minutes per kilometer.
5. Accelerate at times . One aspect that will help you improve your time is that you mix firm steps with fast ones: only remember to keep your breathing controlled and hydrated.

Do not forget to make different stretches before run ; Warms up with a little squats and ABS . Remember to make several deep breaths before, during and after, to optimize your career and avoid feeling bad.

So you know, if you want to optimize your quality of life and feel better, walk , jogs or run and be part of this experience offered by the Bonafont Race , whose goal is for women to adopt a healthy lifestyle, give themselves time and improve their self-esteem. For more information, visit: www.carrerabonafont.com

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