5 things for a pleasant sex

According to a study of Department of Clinical Psychiatry, Social and Psychotherapy of the Faculty of Medicine of Hannover, in Germany , details that probably the sex It is less satisfying for those who experience a very intense excitement.

In the study published in the magazine Frontiers in Psychology , it is detailed that about 2% of the population registers colors and flavors during orgasm and sexual excitement , but what should be done to have a more pleasant sex?


5 things for a pleasant sex

To have a Pleasant sex , not only must the monotony be set aside, but you must pay attention to other details to fully enjoy the relationship .

1. Synesthetic thoughts. Sexual synesthesia is when an altered state of consciousness is recorded, that is, during this level of intense excitement at a psychic and physical level, people experience flavors and colors by touching, caressing, penetrating and climaxing.

2. Role of representation. In accordance with Donald Mosher, researcher at the University of Connecticut , the identities help to realize the fantasies more intimate sexual

3. Partner commitment . It includes the responses of the couple in the sexual encounter, as well as in the interest of sharing the experience.

4. Sensual massage on the genitals. The soft caresses on the vulva and on the penis It is a great opportunity to demonstrate love and pleasure to the couple. It even helps them release the accumulated tension, says Marianne Leyton, therapist of couples .

5. Caress the feet. It is an area of ​​many nerve endings, so take advantage of kissing, caressing and massaging the feet of your partner to connect with their sensuality and eroticism .

In addition to these tips, do not forget to use protection in every sexual encounter, so you will focus on enjoying and not worrying about the sexually transmitted diseases, or the possibility of having a pregnancy. And you, how do you enjoy sex more?