5 steps to improve your day

Have you ever felt that you get up on your left foot and everything goes wrong? Do not put on Bad mood , better act and perform pleasant activities to change these moments and recover your happiness; the balance of your energy is basic to achieve it.

1.- Enjoy the sun: Apply a good sunscreen and let the sun's rays caress your skin and fill it with vitamin D . You can walk for 15 or 20 minutes to breathe deeply, recover strength and forget the bad mood, according to The Huffington Post .

2.- Press your energy button: By gently pressing the thymus, which is an organ of the lymphatic system that is located in the middle of your chest (below the clavicle), you will feel how the stress , the bad mood and the negative energy, while you recover your strength and vitality. Do it for 20 seconds with a slow and deep breath.

3.- Clear your mind: When you feel that everything is against you, blink between 10 and 20 times a minute to activate your eyes. Then, leave them closed for a few minutes and think that the rest of your day will be great. You can also forget everything by listening or singing your favorite song.

4.- Abrazotherapy: There is nothing better to remove the bad mood than a moment of hugs. Identify the nice and energetic people around you and ask them for a hug. This will motivate and revitalize you. If you have a partner, enjoy a relaxing session of kisses, you will feel like new.

5.- Enjoy your food: When you feel that everything is wrong, indulge yourself with a dish that will comfort you. Order your favorite food and enjoy it to the fullest. You will notice how you get rid of the bad mood and the feeling that your whole day is wrong.

Do not let the bad moments invade your life, better try to fix them with a positive attitude . Remember that the stress chronic impacts on your physical, mental and spiritual health, Learn to avoid it!  

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