5 steps to a happy marriage

Several studies have shown that to achieve a happy and stable marriage you should only take care of some habits and details that encourage a healthy together physically, mentally and emotionally.

According to information published in the LiveScience portal , the small details that sometimes go unnoticed can strengthen the relationship, the key is to put them into practice to achieve success. Know them!

1. Equal expenses. A study of University of Michigan It reveals that people who use a similar amount of money to buy items or services have a happier relationship.

2. Spontaneous sex Sometimes daily activities affect the sexual life of couples, however, having frequent intimate relationships makes people more cheerful and feel more satisfied with their marriage, says a study published in the magazine Science Social Psychological and Personality .

3. Become one. An investigation published in the magazine Psychology and Aging He details that husbands who use the word "we" or "our" are less aggressive when they have a problem.

4. Appreciate the actions. People who feel appreciated by their spouses have less resentment and greater satisfaction in their marriage, according to researchers from the Arizona State University.

5. Express your disagreement. When something of your partner bothers you and you hide it, a feeling of negativity accumulates towards it, so the ideal thing is to communicate it on time and avoid problems in the future, details a study of the University of Michigan .

The key to maintaining passion and romance in a relationship is to procure the well-being of the person next to you, analyze everything that can affect emotional bonds and find solutions that lead to a happy marriage. And you, what advice do you follow to keep the flame of love burning?

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