5 stages to transform you

Most people want to change something in our lives, whether it is to stop smoke , work, our relationship of partner or just look and we do not know how to do it. The specialists of the portal Huffingtonvoces.com They recommend that we take some time to identify what negative habits we want to change in order to take action. GetQoralHealth It tells you how to change your life in five steps.

1. Pre-contemplation: During this stage we are not yet ready to perform actions, in fact we are not fully aware of the behaviors that affect us.

2. Contemplation: In this period we began to identify the area that we want or need to change in order to have a better quality of life. Start preparing to make the change.

3. Preparation: We begin to plan the actions we must take to transform our habits , we may already have started with small changes to achieve the objectives.

4. Action: It consists of the strategy to modify our behavior, in this stage we are already making specific changes and we begin to notice the results.

5. Maintenance: In this last stage we have already achieved the change, now we have to focus our energy in sustaining that transformation in a consistent way in the long term.

To transform you must only break with the resistance of letting go habits that are useless and only interfere in the achievement of your goals. And you, what part of your life do you want to change?

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