5 sexual techniques for Christmas

Do not you know how to improve your sex life? Have you tried all the postures and want more action in these Christmas holidays? Some ancient techniques can help you to improve your intimate life and, above all, to recover libido and pleasure with your partner.

According to GQ portal , there are some sexual techniques that will make your winter nights are the most pleasant of the year, you just have to open your mind and be willing to share these moments with your partner.

1.- Thread: This sexual technique, which is used to improve your sex life, serves to increase the time of the relationship and increase the intensity of the orgasm. It consists of tying a thread at the base of the penis, which must be gently pulled just before ejaculation and released to release the semen.

2.- Balancing: This technique is recorded in Tibet, that is, there are images where the woman sits on the man who is sitting on a lotus flower. During penetration they must share their breath; she should inhale and rock her pelvis forward while contracting the vaginal muscles and as she exhales she should rock back and relax them.

3.- Activates the vaginal muscles: This technique known as Burmese clamp involves massaging the penis with the muscles of the vagina (which you can train with the use of Chinese balls).

If they are more daring, when the man is about to ejaculate you can press the tip of the penis with your fingers to delay ejaculation. Then you can press a point of acupuncture that is between the scrotum and the anus to achieve ejaculation.

4.- Cadenciosos movements: In this you need a lot of imagination to carry an exciting cadence. The man must penetrate his partner seven times with the glans, then he must perform two deep penetrations. Next, make six superficial, three deeper. No matter what movements you make, just look for them to be different and have nine in total.

5.- Press: For your partner to experience new sensations, this sexual technique consists of pressing the glans with the thumb and forefinger gently for four seconds, then pressing the base of the penis and repeating three times. With this you will have a very pleasant orgasm.

With these sexual techniques to improve your intimate life you will end boredom and you will recover your libido. Remember to use protection during relationships to prevent sexually transmitted infections. And you, what other technique do you know?

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