5 reasons why oral ampoules are good

One of the best solutions to take care of our health is to regularly take vitamins in oral ampoules, mainly those that contain Vitamin A, C and D , which protect against respiratory diseases.



The use of this method has many advantages to protect us from diseases, but these are the five most important reasons to ingest them:


  1. The oral ampoules dissolve in water or some natural juice, which helps the body absorb it faster and your immune system stays strong.
  2. It is recommended to take them twice a year, just when sudden changes in temperature occur; ideally a couple of months before, since these treatments are taken weekly, according to data indicated by The Institute of Medicine , Food and Nutrition Board.
  3. According to investigations carried out in the University of Helsinki, oral ampoules should be taken once a week, always on the same day for a greater effect, for at least five weeks.
  4. This type of medication is ideal for the whole family, and it can be taken by children and adults and does not represent any complication; If someone has a pre-established condition using other medications, you should check with your doctor if you can take them or not.
  5. Vitamin A, C and D in ampoules not only helps prevent respiratory diseases, but also strengthens the nervous system, takes care of the skin and protects us from other types of diseases.


Remember that a balanced diet and physical activity are essential to avoid illnesses and feel good.

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