5 reasons why agave sugar loses weight

Do you like tequila? According to a new study, the agave , the plant that gives rise to this drink is very useful to eliminate the extra kilos. In other words, you can use agave sugar to lower weight .

According to the study of Research Center for Advanced Studies (Cinvestav), of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) in Irapuato, in the agave is a sweetener that can help prevent diabetes and overweight .


5 reasons why agave sugar loses weight

In the investigation presented in the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society It is explained that there are several reasons why agave sugar is good for lose weight .

1. Dietary fiber. The natural sugars of the agave plant called agavins, act as dietary fiber, so they do not increase glucose in the blood .

2. They calm the hunger. Sugar increases the levels of GLP-1, a hormone that slows the emptying of the stomach, which helps to eat less.

3. Stimulates the production of insulin. Reduces glucose levels in the blood .
4. It has fruitfulness. It is one of the best sugars that exist, as they encourage the growth of healthy bacteria in the mouth and intestines.
5. Better than artificial sweeteners. Agavins are not as sweet as these products, but they do not generate headaches and have no side effects.

The benefits of sugar of agave are not found in tequila, even though the same plant is used for its elaboration, since agavins are turned into ethanol, so there are no pretexts for you to take tequila to lose weight. And you, how do you sweeten your life?

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