5 quick sex postures

Have you ever felt the adrenaline that you experience with the sex Quick? That feeling makes your passion rise to the maximum and enjoy a great sexual encounter with your partner .

To live it, you just need to let yourself go for the moment and let your imagination fly; any scenario is good to fill you with adrenaline, endorphins and good mood. For you to achieve it, we recommend the following positions for quick sex.

  1. Surprise: Tantra Touch points out that if you go through a wall where there are no people, take your partner from the waist, stand near the wall and lean your back on it. Elevate your partner in your arms, while she entwines her legs around your waist and holds her hands on your neck. Hold her tightly by placing one hand on her back and another on the buttock.
  2. Bathroom: Lower the lid of the toilet, let her sit on it, while your kneeling on the floor, you begin the penetration.
  3. Adrenaline to the maximum: If you are on the beach, take the opportunity to swim in the sea and start with caresses and kisses. Start lapenetration and let yourself be carried away by the waves.
  4. Pleasant car: It is one of the typical places, since nobody wants to expose themselves too much and it has to be very fast. Go to the back seat of the car, she should lie on it horizontally but raising her knees to the chest, the man should be bounded on it and start penetration.
  5. Any place: No matter where you are, as long as you are lonely, just let yourself be carried away by pleasure. Even with the clothes on, you just have to lower your pants a bit or lift your skirt to enjoy the adrenaline to the fullest.

Do not forget to protect yourself during sexual relations, even if they are quick. This moment of adrenaline must be safe and without risk of acquiring any infection . Also, remember that cleaning is essential to have a satisfactory encounter. And you, how many times have you had fast sex?

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