5 properties of chocolate

The chocolate it's one of those pleasures of the gastronomy that gives you great Benefits. You can find it in different presentations and with different content of cocoa Y milk .

  1. It contains a series of components with properties euphoriants Y stimulants , as the phenylethylamine (belonging to the family of amphetamines ), which acts in the brain unleashing a state of euphoria and emotional well-being. Some people feel the need to eat chocolate at times when they feel sad or distressed.
  2. According to the publication of Journal of Physiology, there is antioxidant present in cocoa, called epicatechina, which causes similar effects in the body exercise , by stimulating the number of mitochondria , which generate the necessary energy in the cells .
  3. Chocolate contains flavonoids, a basic component that helps avoid overcrowding of the arteries , preventing heart attacks Y spills .
  4. It helps to reduce depression, Making you feel good and improving the mood of women during the pre-menstrual period.
  5. Intensifies the libido , especially the sexual desire in women, equipping it as a aphrodisiac essential.

Pamper yourself preparing some delicious truffles and enjoy the Benefits what gives you the chocolate :




300 grams of bitter chocolate

2 tablespoons of milk

100 grams of butter in cubes

2 egg yolks

3 tablespoons of whipping cream

125 grams of powdered sugar

Cocoa powder

Chopped nut


Melt chocolate with milk in the microwave. Add butter and mix until melted. Add the yolks, cream and sugar. Mix perfectly and refrigerate for two hours.

Place enough cocoa in one bowl and walnut in another. Form balls the size of a bite, pass them by the cocoa and then by the nut.

Refrigerate again so they are fresh when you eat them. Decorate your taste with cocoa powder or chocolate chips.

Consume moderately the chocolate so that it does not cause any problems and you get the Benefits that will help you stay healthy.

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Video Medicine: The Science of Chocolate (May 2020).