5 myths of the raw or hangover

The raw or hangover is the result of the poisoning of the organism, caused by the ingestion of an excessive dose of alcohol . It is a series of symptoms that appear the day after having drunk alcohol in excess , and it can get worse if smokes excessively.

Some studies reveal that the hangover is due to the metabolic processes of the liver , the diuretic effects of alcohol and the decrease in blood sugar.

The symptoms are for many already known, but around the raw or hangover there are some myths about how to prevent or relieve it:

1. Have a drink during the hangover. This only exacerbates the picture.

2. Ingest vitamins of type B6 to avoid it. It is only useful in large doses and intramuscularly in severe cases for its antineuritic effect (to relieve pain or inflammation of nerve endings).

3. Drink plenty of water to increase the diuresis . It is false since the alcohol It is eliminated at a rate of 7 grams per hour and nothing can accelerate the process.

4. Ingest a spoonful of oil or milk of magnesia before drinking. It is not true, because the gastric mucosa is not completely covered, the free part absorbs the alcohol at the same speed.

5. Consume dairy products (milk or yogurt). They only create a protective film in the stomach that dilates the absorption process of the alcohol .

In this regard, the psychologist Jessica Paredes, from FISAC , account in interview with GetQoralHealth Some other myths about alcohol consumption:

Tips to relieve the raw or hangover

1. Drink fruit juices to replenish the loss of vitamins , in addition to eating soft foods, that do not irritate the gastric mucosa, and that preferably be sweet. You can also eat legumes, cereals, nuts, milk and meat.

2. Sleep a little more than usual.

3. Women who are taking contraceptive pills They will also need a magnesium supplement (eat a handful of nuts). The hangover will last longer for them.

4. An analgesic can be taken to suppress the headache , as well as drinking serums or drinks with a high content of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals in order to rehydrate the body.

Remember that the best way to prevent raw or hangover is to not drinkalcohol or do it in moderation, in addition to never ingesting it on an empty stomach; in any case, insert drinks without alcohol between glass and glass, even water. Eat well before doing it and avoid salty snacks, because they produce a greater sensation of thirst. If you want more information, consult //alcoholinformate.org.mx

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