5 myths of love in a relationship

Base your Relationship In myths about love you only achieve damage to it, due to the false expectations that are created. On the other hand, a mature relationship it is achieved by enjoying the love in an intelligent way, without separating what the heart feels and what your brain thinks.

Therefore, in GetQoralHealth we present some of the most common myths in regards to love, according to psychology-online.com:

1. Love at first sight. The truth is that most people take a little more time to get to know the partner , and even more to know if it is with whom we want to spend a large part of life.

2. Eternal love Actually, knowing your whole partner It is almost impossible because every human being evolves and changes according to their circumstances. The same happens with a relationship, which changes according to their experiences. It is not energy that continues to live and transform, nor is it an invincible force. If you want to have a healthy relationship, cultivate it day by day.

3. With you, even if it's bread and water. One of the main causes of divorce It's the economic thing. Today the couples they come into conflict when they experience moments of economic crisis; Then there are questions about who contributes, spends or earns more money. Therefore, the most healthy thing is that both have a remunerated activity and that they share projects and goals.

4. Do not have secrets. "Sincericide" (as some specialists have called the fact that a member of the partner tell everything you do, feel or think) is a myth. There is part of the privacy what is good to preserve for one. The main thing is to think before speaking, either to not cause harm or because what is going to be said does not help the growth of the partner .  

5. Never go to bed angry. Yes a lot couples they have the facility to solve their problems, the truth is that they are the least and have a scheme of communication functional. Otherwise, the best way to do it is to go to bed without getting tired in more discussions, to resolve it the next day in a more serene and thoughtful way.

To stop living a love story, which for many years we have been told, it is important that you get involved in a relationship in a more intelligent way, because with it you can really share the best of you, if you want a future next to the other person, and vice versa.

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