5 most lethal diseases in older adults

The old age it is a natural process of the life of the human being; However, the healthy habits of the human being have an impact on the quality of life that people will have when they become older adults.

Some studies say that by 2050, the population that will be in the stage of old age in Mexico, will be more than 33.8 million. Currently, this sector represents 8.2% of the inhabitants.

The process of old age determines some physical and psychological changes in individuals, so it is very common for them to present themselves with more regularity diseases like the chronic-degenerative, which detonate the death of the elderly.

So that you know a little more about these ailments, GetQoralHealth presents you the five most common:

1.- Mellitus diabetes: It is one of the leading causes of death in Mexico. It is detonated by the alteration of metabolism and the body's inability to process glucose in the blood . It is important to bring a diet balanced and exercise to avoid the overweight , which is an important risk factor.

2.- Cardiovascular diseases: They are considered the most lethal and affects people over 40 years. The most frequent ailments of this type are the heart attacks and  heart disease ischemic The main risk factors are: inadequate nutrition, obesity Y sedentary lifestyle .

3.- Cervical and prostate cancer: These neoplasms affect women and men over 40, so it is important that people perform scans on their body, to find abnormal lumps. It is important to visit the doctor regularly for routine check-ups, as well as to take a toxin-free diet and practice exercise .

4.- Pneumonia: It is an inflammation in the respiratory system, which is generated by infectious agents. This condition has a greater impact during the old age due to physical changes and the weakening of the immune system .

5.- AML: With this condition, the mortality rate in older people is higher, due to preexisting conditions such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension Y disease coronary, among others. The most common cause in this group is high-grade myelodysplasia, exposure to benzene, external radiation, smoking, and certain chemotherapeutic agents such as hydroxyurea and alkylating agents.

To prevent this type of diseases In old age, it is important to have healthy habits and avoid the use of tobacco, alcohol or a sedentary lifestyle. According to the WHO, if these risk factors were eliminated, about 75% of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes could be prevented. And you, how do you take care of yourself?

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