5 most common mistakes of the vegetarian diet

A free feeding of animal products is healthy and provides many health benefits, however, when some mistakes are made the vegetarian diet can be counterproductive to the well-being of people.

According to the specialists Amy Lanou, professor of health and welfare of the University of North Carolina Ashville , Y Vandana Sheth, spokesperson for Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics They point out that a vegetarian diet should be well planned and balanced.

The experts, through the Huffington Post, They recommend that a diet of this type be designed with whole grains, fruits, vegetables and heart-healthy fats, as well as avoiding these five errors of the vegetarian diet, especially when it starts:


  1. Eat less than necessary. When you change the diet, especially from normal to vegetarian, it is important to change the amount of each portion, that is, you should eat more food than usual until the person feels satisfied, since the caloric density of the products is less.

  2. Not having enough vitamin B12. This essential nutrient for neurological development is obtained from animal products, so it is important that you find another way to obtain it as fortified foods with it.
  3. Avoid processed vegan foods. It is normal that at the beginning of the diet you opt for this type of food to compensate for the products that you leave; however, they will not provide you with the nutrients your body needs, choose the natural.

  4. Follow the same menu. Avoid this measure, as it generates boredom and the loss of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Give variety to your vegetarian diet with legumes, seeds, vegetables, cereals and fruits.
  5. Lack of attention to what your body demands. When you change your diet, your body needs three weeks to adapt, so you must be alert and not be discouraged if you feel cravings, better analyze what nutrient you need.

Several studies suggest that a balanced vegetarian diet has many benefits for your health, since it is associated with a lower risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and strokes.

However, before starting this lifestyle on your own, it is important that you go with a specialist to guide you in the process and not put your health at risk. And you, what mistakes do you make in your diet?

Video Medicine: VEGAN/VEGETARIAN DIET MISTAKES TO AVOID (nutrient tips for beginners) (September 2020).