Who says that it does not cost him to wake up lies.

According to investigations of the University of Edinburgh and the University of Munich people with a genetic variant called ABCC9, require an additional 30 minutes of sleep compared to the rest of the population.

The researchers evaluated the sleep patterns in the participants through questionnaires that included questions about their sleep habits during the days off and that did not require early awakening; as well as about their work shifts and the possible medications they used to sleep.


"5 more minutes"?

The conclusion of this research explain the researchers; is that the genetic variant ABCC9, is one of the main causes that makes awakening difficult in people, since this gene detects the level of energy in the cells that regulate the biological clock in our body.


Biological clock

Publications of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) , in the magazine Investigation and development , it is known as "biological clock" to the precise control (proper of a clock) in our organism to maintain the vital functions.

In the human body, the biological clock or supraquismático nucleus, is located in the brain, exactly at the base of the hypothalamus. So that if this means of physiological control is altered it can have repercussions on health, for example, diabetes, insomnia or other sleep disorders, obesity or even hypertension.


Do you open your eyes?

Another study conducted by scientists from Salk Institute of Biological Studies in the United States, reveals that opening the eyes before the alarm rings has a relationship also determined by the biological clock of our organism. The biological clock is in charge of giving the signal to our organism of "wake up".

To keep your biological clock healthy, it is important to respect your sleep and feeding schedules. One way to "help" the genetic predisposition is to also perform relaxation activities such as yoga in its different modalities; and of course to go with your specialist. Rest well!

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