5 makeup tips for brown skin

The dark skin is envied by pale women around the world, but it is often difficult to find the makeup for dark skin that is perfect to highlight the best features of your face.

If you are looking for some tips to make your dark skin shine and stand out with your beauty, Emanuel Romero, professional make-up artist from Skara Makeup Solutions , gives you some makeup tips that you should put into practice:

Basic colors: The specialist ensures that warm colors are the best to highlight the features in brown skin, so do not hesitate to use the terracotta, brown and gold tone.

Also, do not be afraid to use brightly colored lipstick, on the contrary! These colors complement perfectly with your skin tone. Find something powerful like an intense red and take advantage of those traits.

If you prefer you can use only brightness, but get away from too light colors unless you are combining nude lips with charged eyes.

Gold eyes: Many times we recommend using a clear tone around the tear to enlarge the look. On dark skin a shadow or golden pencil is recommended to apply in this area of ​​your eyes. Well diffused, the effect of this trick is spectacular.

Well-defined eyebrows: If your eyebrow is bushy exploits its potential leaving it wide and straight instead of arching it. It will give a different intensity to your look. The most appropriate form of your eyebrows depends a lot on the shape of your face, so it never hurts to go with a professional to help you find your perfect style.

Colorful shadows: Do not be afraid of color! Stop using the same side of your makeup palette and give yourself an opportunity with the funniest tones. Purple, blue and even green highlight very well with your skin tone. Just remember to use them in moderate amounts, preferably not very shiny and well diffused. Combine it with black shadow to form the perfect smokey eye.

Blush cream: Pinch your cheeks and notice the tone they take. Your blush should be a pink with orange tones, not the "cotton candy" color used by girls with very light complexions. Cream blush works best for dark skin because it is often more intense and diffuses better.

With these makeup tips for dark skin you will look radiant in any event, so look in the mirror and decide which part of your face you need to stand out. And you, do you know other makeup tricks?

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