5 habits vs cavities

Good habits help prevent diseases and infections in your entire body, especially when it comes to your oral health. A healthy smile will help you prevent pain and the entry of microbes that damage your body and your teeth, such as cavities .

According to figures from the World Health Organization Between 60 and 90% of school-age children suffer from cavities, while 20% of adults suffer from a dental disease that can lead to tooth loss. To avoid being part of the statistics, we give you the following 5 tips to prevent cavities :

1.- Healthy food : The reduction of sugars in your diet prevents the appearance of cavities and the premature loss of teeth. Eat foods rich in calcium, vitamin D and magnesium, as well as vegetables and raw fruits.

2.- A correct dental hygiene: Cavities are prevented with the concentration of fluoride, which you can find in toothpastes. A new option that you can use to cleanse your mouth is a dental product made with enzymes from algae microbes, which remove plaque and prevent tooth erosion, according to a study by the University of Newcastle , England.

3.- Natural complements: Calcium salts are natural supplements that help prevent the appearance of cavities and to strengthen your teeth.

4.- Crack sealing: If you have a fissure in your teeth, it is urgent that you go to the dentist to fill them. It is one of the main preventive measures to combat cavities .

5.- Correct use of the brush: This is an indispensable tool to maintain proper oral health. If you want to avoid cavities you must change it every three or four months, due to bacterial contamination. After each use, rinse thoroughly to remove paste residue.

If you do not know how to form cavities and what are its consequences, the doctor María López Howell it explains it to you in detail in the following video:

Remember to brush your teeth after each meal and floss to remove food debris. Do not forget to visit your dentist at least once a month and perform a professional cleaning. And you, how do you prevent cavities?

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Video Medicine: Teaching Kids About the Causes & Effects of Cavities : Dental Health (February 2021).