5 fruits that detoxify you

Instead of spending our time, money and energy on a diet that does not make sense, we should learn to debug our organism , and adapt to a moderate lifestyle based on fresh foods and fruits that serve to detoxify . Above all, it is very important to take care of the way we cook to generate the energies and effects appropriate to our personal needs.

Specialists like Montse Brandford, Spanish expert in natural nutrition and energy, point out that it is convenient to respect some simple guidelines, but very effective, to help us detoxify our organism , such as eating at fixed times, dining early and little, or discovering the benefits of fruits Y vegetables .


5 fruits that detoxify you

These are some of the fruits that give us the most benefits, especially for debug and ensure the proper functioning of the liver and other organs.

1. Apples and pears Foods rich in pectin , like apples and pears, will help you remove "the radioactive waste from the body," according to the specialist. Pectin attracts toxins , facilitating its elimination through the urine and the stool

2. Lemon. In addition to all the vitamin C which contains, potentiates alkalinity of the body, which helps to balance the acidity of the meals we consume and thus maintain balance. Thanks to this, the organism waste toxins that we assimilate by the diet and the environment more effectively. It is highly recommended to squeeze the juice of a lemon in hot water and take it every morning.

3. Plums . They are rich in sugars and in digestive fibers . Is a laxative effective that helps to recharge the batteries of children and athletes before making an effort and even afterwards, since its high content in potassium favors the elimination of toxins.
4. Oranges and strawberries. It is the ideal fruit to strengthen our body and avoid the feared colds . Its high content in polyphenols , vitamins Y minerals protect our heart besides preventing the Cancer, the inflammation and the little ones hemorrhages As the Bleeding gums .

It is present in the subsistence allowance of rejuvenation thanks to its high alkalizing power , the orange purifies toxins from the blood and prevents the deposit of uric acid in the joints. He takes advantage of his properties by drinking a juice every morning. An ideal combination is strawberries (rich in ellagic acid ), carrots and oranges.

5. Betabel Although it is not properly a fruit, it is a food rich in vitamins B3, B6, C Y beta-carotene . In addition, they are a great source of iron , magnesium , zinc Y calcium , minerals necessary for the optimal elimination of toxins.

Beet juice is excellent for cleansing the organism, particularly the liver, the kidneys , and the gallbladder. It is also good for the production of Red blood cells in the blood and improves its quality.

Take advantage of these fruits that serve to detoxify, which are also fresh and delicious.

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