5 foods vs colon cancer

I agree with you Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, for its acronym in English), colo cancer n is the third most frequent neoplasm in men and women, so it is important to take actions to prevent it.

In the early stages and even before the Colorectal cancer can be prevented with healthy habits, how to perform exercise to avoid the sedentary lifestyle or through food. Therefore, here we present some products that, according to information published in The Sun Daily , you must include in your diet:


  1. Whole grains: The high consumption of whole grains favors a correct functioning of the digestive system and the colon.
  2. Fish: Sea products that contain omega fats -3 can prevent the development of colorectal cancer and chronic inflammation.
  3. Vegetables and spices: The nutrients found in turmeric and onion help reduce both the size and number of pre-cancerous lesions, as well as the polyps in the intestinal tract. In fact, turmeric is able to stop or retard the growth of Cancer in its three stages of growth, from initiation to progression.
  4. Nuts: These products inhibit the growth of cells of colon cancer .
  5. Soy: The consumption of these foods reduces the risk of Colorectal cancer in women.

Robin Gibb's colon cancer advances

In advanced levels of Colorectal cancer , like the one that suffers the star of the Bee Gees, Robin Gibb , you can eat these foods to reduce the presence of anemia or other complications of the neoplasia.

Robin Gibb remains in intensive care after waking up from a coma and contractingpneumonia . Currently, his health is weak and malnourished. Even, breathe with the help of a mask oxygen and is fed intravenously. The artist has undergone two operations and several sessions of chemotherapy to fight against colon cancer .


What is rectal cancer?

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , the doctor Carlos Aranda , Director of the Oncological Institute of Morelos , explain what the rectal cancer and its symptoms:

The colon cancer It occurs in the first 15 centimeters of the intestine or in the rectum. Abdominal pain, blood in the stool, diarrhea and weight loss, are some of the annoyances it causes.

Specialists recommend leading an active life, with a feeding balanced, rich in fiber and free of red or processed meat; as well as a good hydration , to prevent constipation or problems in the digestive system. And you, do you have healthy habits?

Video Medicine: Mayo Clinic Minute: Eating for a healthy colon (September 2022).