5 foods to reduce cholesterol

The majority of the population has high levels of cholesterol that affects the cardiac system, by covering the arteries and preventing the correct circulation of blood . Through feeding this type of food can be reduced or increased lipids .

Experts recommend eating a diet free of fats saturated (red meat, butter, whole milk) to avoid problems in the heart; In addition, you can include the following products to raise the cholesterol good or HDL:

  1. Almonds: The skin that covers this seed prevents the increase of cholesterol , which decreases the risk of suffering diseases cardiovascular
  2. Avocados : The fats monounsaturated in this food reduce the cholesterol LDL and elevates HDL. You can use it in salads, in guacamole and in sauce.
  3. Barley: It is a food rich in fiber , decreases the levels of cholesterol and help prevent the constipation . It adds depth to the soups and is excellent if combined with dried fruits, nuts and vinegar in a salad.
  4. Blueberries: They contain a powerful antioxidant that reduces the cholesterol LDL. You can mix a cup of frozen blueberries, along with a half cup of orange juice and vanilla yogurt in the blender to make a healthy drink.
  5. Oats: It is an excellent source of fiber and beta-glucan, effective components to reduce the cholesterol .

In the next video of the Heart Foundation , some tips are given to learn how to differentiate the types of fats that are present in food, as well as suggestions to reduce cholesterol levels.

Specialists recommend avoiding foods such as pastries, sausages, meats of animal origin, coconut oil, as well as increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables, to have some arteries healthy and avoid the increase in the levels of cholesterol .

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Video Medicine: Nutritional Health : How to Lower LDL Cholesterol With Diet (January 2021).