5 exercises for legs

Most women tend to accumulate grease in the lower part of the body, so you need to make a good exercise to keep it toned and outlined. There are multiple exercises for legs and buttocks, which help you burn those extra pounds, all you have to do is have proof.

So that you can see turned legs and free of grease , here we present a series of exercises that you can do from the comfort of your home or even in a park.

According to information published by the portalCNN.com , whenever you start a routine exercise for legs, you should warm them up a bit to avoid tears or injuries . Therefore, you can go up or down stairs for five minutes or just dance.

1.- Offset: Separate the legs, low flexing both knees and return. Keep your head in front and contract your abdomen.

2.- Squat: Separate your legs and lower yourself by flexing your knees while stretching your arms. Your hip should be at your knees.

3.- Lateral elevation: Make a squat, but when you raise it raise a leg stretched to one side and return to the original position.

4.- Elevate the leg: Place your hands and knees on the floor. Lift one leg at hip height, flex it and stretch it.

5.- Lift the hip: Lie on your back with your legs bent and your feet on the floor. Place a cushion between the knees to serve as a support. Lift your hip while you squeeze the cushion hard.

Do a series of eight repetitions for leg, three times a week. So that the exercise be effective you must focus your effort on muscles that you are working on and do not forget to stretch them at the end of each session; also, try to keep a good hydration and one feeding balanced

Video Medicine: 5 Leg Exercises You Should Be Doing | QUADS (May 2021).