5 drinks for a flat stomach

Some people feel uncomfortable about having their abdomen inflamed, so they resort to various methods to show off a flat, free belly. fats and intestinal discomfort as gas and acidity, but the most effective is to prevent it with a correct feeding , says the doctor Solomon Jakubowicz .

It is essential that individuals who want to show a flat stomach take an appropriate treatment to eliminate abdominal distention, as well as a diet free of fat, lactose and sodium, which promotes fluid retention.

In addition, these measures can be complemented with the intake of the following beverages that will help them lose weight and obtain a flat stomach to look spectacular on summer vacations:

1.- Pineapple water: This drink helps detoxify the body, thanks to bromelain, an enzyme that breaks down proteins and promotes digestion . With it, you will get a flat stomach and better digestive health.

2.- Green Tea: Whether cold or hot, this diuretic drink decreases the risk of suffering diseases cardiac Cancer . Also, improve your mental agility and reduce the grease bodily. It is very useful to relieve stomach disorders.

3.- Mint infusion: Stimulates gastrointestinal functions, improves the functioning of the metabolism and help eliminate fats of the organism, so it favors a flat stomach.

4.- Natural or flavored water: There is nothing better than natural water to eliminate toxins and grease of the body. It also prevents fluid retention and increases the feeling of fullness. You can complement it with some fruit, without sweetening.

5.- Coffee: By the diuretic properties of caffeine it helps to eliminate body fat and to prevent the problem of constipation . Improves mental health and prevents aging premature, thanks to its high content of antioxidants.

Remember to bring a diet rich in fiber and low in sodium to favor the digestion and avoid fluid retention. Try to make some physical activity to maintain a good physical conditioning and avoid the overweight . And you, how do you keep your belly flat?

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