5 common mistakes that irritate the eyes

There are many types of diseases that damage vision or cause discomfort in the eyes, among the most common is the conjunctivitis or red eye syndrome, both cause Irritated eyes , but What are the causes of these conditions? Discover it!


5 common mistakes that irritate the eyes


According to the University of Marylan Medical Center , the exposure of our eyes to substances or an unhealthy environment causes itching, tearing, among other symptoms. However, there are many factors that cause Irritated eyes , so know them and avoid damaging them:


Misuse of contact lenses . Improper hygiene when placing and removing contact lenses can cause irritated eyes and infections. Thus Cleveland Clinic , recommends washing your hands perfectly before having contact with the lenses; If you already have an eye infection, avoid its use for a few days.


Makeup . Although there is an immense amount of products on the market to remove the makeup of women's faces, they are often not used, which can cause the eyes to look irritated.


Free radicals. Poor nutrition and exposure to an aggressive environment, where there is an excess of dust or dirt, cause infection.


Bad habits. Watching an electronic screen for a long time, reading a book in low light or exposing yourself to strong sunlight without glasses, causes constant discomfort in the eyes.


Bad habits . There are an infinity of customs that damage our health, especially our eyes. An example is smoking, in which we expose our eyes to smoke directly (in addition to the pollution that exists).


According to the Federal Health Secretariat (Ssa) ) only last October there were 67 thousand 513 cases of conjunctivitis in 12 states of the Republic, which spreads more easily during this time.


Remember to have good hygiene, avoid rubbing your eyes so that the infection does not spread and when you detect what irritation comes with a doctor. Beware!

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