5 celebrities with sexual problems

The life of celebrities has invariably been of great interest to his followers, so the media has always been alert to the problems faced by celebrities.

Due to their fame, artists face different conflicts that impact their physical and emotional health such as alcoholism , drug addiction , divorces and sexual problems.

Some stars enjoy the scandal that is generated around them, but others have suffered their revelations about bisexuality, lesbianism and fetishism as Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox. Other celebrities who have stood out for their sexual problems are:

1.- Larry Wachowski , director of Matrix: Changed identity and sex. Now she calls herself Lana.

2.- Jodie Foster: Last year he accepted his lesbianism and his relationship with Cydney Bernard; however, he finished with her and started a romance with Cynthia Mort.

3.- Robert Downey Jr. : He confessed his sex addiction

4.- David Duchovny: He is famous with addiction for sex. He even went into a clinic to treat his condition.

5.- Max Wright : The actor was photographed while smoking crack and having sex with vagabonds

Most of the sexual disorders They are of psychological origin, so it is essential to go to a specialist, which will help people to overcome them through proper treatment.

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