5 celebrities who live with hepatitis

The hepatitis C It is an infectious disease that causes the liver to swell and not work properly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States, it is contracted mainly through contact with infected blood, by the shared use of needles and syringes or by the use of contaminated medical equipment.

Some years ago the security measures to prevent its contagion were not yet completely defined, so many people were infected, including celebrities and celebrities from around the world, including:

1. Pamela Anderson . In 2002, she revealed to the media that she had hepatitis C. According to the model and actress, she was infected by sharing a needle of tattooing with a person suffering from this disease.

2. Steven Tyler. The leader and vocalist of Aerosmith, one of the American rock bands best known for its high sales, has been secretly fighting Hepatitis C for several years now.

3. Natalie Cole. The soul singer and daughter of Nat King Cole, left a presentation in 2008 due to the disease. So the singer confirmed that she suffers from this chronic liver disease.

4. Keith Richards. Diagnosed of this disease several years ago, the guitarist of the Rolling Stones ensures that his own immune system was able to overcome the disease, without requiring any treatment.

5. Jon Secada. The Cuban-American singer-songwriter does not suffer from this disease, however, his father suffered. Because he never admitted his condition, he could not receive any treatment and died. Therefore, now the famous singer has become an activist who fights so that people are well informed and there is better control over the spread of this disease.

One of the main difficulties for the treatment of hepatitis C is that, for years, there is a stigma surrounding the condition because it can be contracted by sharing syringes or for sexual intercourse , so it is not easy for a person, less a celebrity, to make it known.

Currently there are several therapies that can help control it. Using new-generation drugs, scientists seek that it is the same body that manages to fight the virus that causes this condition, but there is still much to be done, so the prevention It is still the most important thing.

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