5 benefits of spring

Spring came and with it the state of mind of people is transformed. In this season of the year, suddenly you feel more in love, improve your mood, you feel happier. However, physically you may feel less productive, you may notice some outbreak of spring fever or present some kind of allergy . You want to know why? Keep reading.

1. You have more energy: the increase of the sun's rays, indicate to the body to diminish the production of melatonin , hormone In charge of regulating the sleep. Therefore, when there is more light, people have more energy and less sleep. The Boston University , suggests that with less production of melatonin , you feel better mood and increase your sexual desire .

In an interview forGetQoralHealth , the shaman and lecturerChristian Nottbohm explains the benefits of the sun's energy:

2. You are happier: with the change of season increases the serotonin , hormone that improves your mood. Because of this, in the spring there is a sudden passion for life, you feel happier and perceive the world in a better way. On many occasions the serotonin It can also cause you to feel restless and distracted.

3. You do more exercise: Who does not want to do exercise on a sunny day? It is proven that people are happier when they perform outdoor activities under the sun's rays. Therefore, people stay better in shape at this time of the year than in any other.

4. You fall in love: Due to the vitamin D and a series of hormonal changes , love arrives in the spring. According to the Scientific American the rate of pregnancies during the spring, this because the production of sperm it reaches its peak this season.

5. You realize if you have any allergies: an inevitable health problem in this season are the allergies . According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America more than 40 million Americans have allergies . The main cause is the pollen produced by the flowers of this season.

Spring is one of the best seasons of the year to enjoy the landscape and the sun's rays. Enjoy its benefits and improve your emotional health .

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