5 benefits of children's acupuncture

Respiratory diseases, fever , seizures due to high temperature or epilepsy , weight control, anxiety Y gastric problems , are some cases in which it is beneficial to use the acupuncture In children.


About, Gabriela Ibarra , expert in this alternative technique states: "Acupuncture in children stimulates the energy fields without applying any type of medicine, regulates the energy and balances the body to produce a homeostasis: its energy balance".


According to Ibarra, these are just some of the benefits of acupuncture applied in infants:

1. Auxiliary in cases of paralysis : "This does not cure, but it does improve the physical condition and quality of life of the patient"
2. It is useful in cases of urinary incontinence : "An improvement has been seen since the third or fourth session"
3. The scars after surgery they are corrected with acupuncture
4. It improves the mood and it is useful to have a pleasant dream and comforting
5. It is auxiliary to optimize the school performance of the little ones


This technique can be applied with needles or lasers. The effectiveness is the same, but Ibarra Huerta clarifies that it is faster with needles, although everything depends on the sensitivity of children: "Oriental medicine is very focused on emotions. We attack that root and consequently physical problems are reduced. "


Have you tried this alternative therapy? Would you allow your baby to heal with acupuncture?

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