5 basic accessories for Pilates

This practice relaxes you and strengthens your body and mind. Beyond Burn calories and tone your bodies, pilates grants relaxation to your bones, joints and spine. However, certain elements are required for your practice to be satisfactory. Therefore, here we present what you should not miss:


1. Elastic bands . These allow to increase the intensity of the exercises and the necessary stability work in the trunk to control the tension of the band



2. Rollers . This supplement not only contributes to increase your strength, flexibility and sense of balance, but also you can enjoy even more enjoyable sessions, as it provides a pleasant massage of the deepest muscles of your body and back, while performing the exercises. With this you release tensions and eliminate muscle aches



3. Stability ball . It guarantees the training of the dynamic balance, through the resistance. It is very effective to improve strength and flexibility bodily



4. Pilates rings . These rings, designed by Joseph Pilates , are the ideal complement to achieve an adequate control of your abdomen and a greater toning of the muscles (especially of the adductor and abductor muscles of the legs) Also, it increases the intensity and resistance of the exercises



5. Mattresses . They serve to oxygenate the muscles and make the person aware of their joints



Remember to practice Pilates with the advice of an expert, to prevent you from hurting any part of your body and to progressively progress in your physical training.

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