4 tips to run faster

Activates blood circulation, improves oxygenation of cells, contributes to fat burning and prolongs life, the latter according to an investigation exposed in the European Society of Cardiology of Dublin. However, how can you run faster or improve times if this activity is already practiced?

Many runners, regular or active, participate in races where they put their physical condition to the test and, why not, to themselves as well. Within this one of the problems they face is speed.

Thus GetQoralHealth gives you four tips that will allow you to run faster and reach your goal by defeating the obstacle of time:

1. Move the arms. According to the expert David Weck, moving your arms in a spiral can help you run more. This is based on anatomy, balance and the importance of training both sides of the body at the same level.

The spiral movements release the muscular tension in the fascia, that is to say, the network of tissue that surrounds muscles and organs connecting them to each other. It also occupies a key position for balance, such as muscles and joints; It contains position sensors that tell the brain the posture of the body in space.

Weck believes that the spiral movements of the muscles and fascia can promote greater running efficiency, in addition to helping to align the body with its gravitational center.

2. Changes of rhythm. In this alternate soft sections with fast sections, it is very efficient to gain speed without having to resort to the track. Runs hard for 5, 4, 3, 2 and one minute, interspersed with a smooth race of the same duration between the intense phases. The variation is that the shorter the intense phase the faster you have to do it.

3. Long career An outing a week of one hour or 30 minutes increases your aerobic efficiency and teaches your body to metabolize more fat which will improve the resistance and therefore the speed.

4. Break your limit . Choose a 100-meter straight line (if it's a better track) and do five reps starting at 85% of your maximum and always trying to improve the brand you've made in the previous race. Between each race, walk two minutes to have a full recovery. Repeat it three times and then do the same but over 200 meters. Important: before starting, warm up running very soft 20 minutes and at the end do a return to the calm of 15 minutes and then stretch thoroughly.

Running every day, respecting one of rest per week, is one of the best ways to progress as a runner. Not only will you improve your cardiovascular health, strength and endurance, but also you will achieve to maintain your weight controlled by the large number of calories you will consume. Beware!