4 tips so networks do not damage your relationship

Facebook, twitter and all social networks have not only opened a new panorama in terms of communication, but a different way of showing our public and private life; However, how can it affect our relationship?

According to an investigation published by the Journal od Cyberpsychology, People who use Facebook more than once a day are more likely to have conflicts with their partner.

Although, social networks can harm the health of our relationship is difficult to leave them as it would exclude us from society; thus, GetQoralHealth, with information from Women'sHealth , we present four tips that will allow you to live with both without dying in the attempt:

1. Avoid changing your status if the relationship is new. For the expert and author of the book "The 30-day love detox", Wendy Walsh, When a relationship is in a fragile stage of dating or is just beginning, it is necessary that there be a privacy so that it can grow without the influence of other people's comments.

Before changing your status or adding photos of both, ask your partner since it is the intimacy of the two you are exposing.

2. Reduce your browsing time. Spending a lot of time on social networks prevents you from spending time with your partner; consequently the interaction between both diminishes what can produce more conflicts between both.

3. Do not open your session when you are upset with your partner. If you just had a fight or a bad streak with your partner, get away from the computer.

Because your news supply can be filled with everything from happy couples to your ex's photos (more in shape than ever), which may be full of landmines that make you feel bad about your relationship, or worse . It is very easy to enter and think that there could be a greater and better opportunity for you.

4. Friend of your ex? One of the most risky features of Facebook is that it makes it very easy to connect and communicate with a former lover or former girlfriend, this through the friends they have in common. Although everything is over, in a crisis you may be tempted to look for him. Watch out!

Social networks are part of current life, but should not be a reason for a break or problems in your relationship. Always try to maintain a sincere communication.