4 myths about pregnancy

Despite living in the 21st century, there are still false beliefs around the menstruation and the possibility of staying pregnant . This is one of the myths that must be cleared through adequate information.

Myth 1: A woman can not get pregnant at her first sexual intercourse

False: When the woman (adolescent) begins to ovulate, the body initiates the preparation for the reproductive function.

From the first menstrual period (menarche), a woman is as fertile as in the years that follow and the chances of getting pregnant are the same.

Each woman must know her cycle and become familiar with her body since the first signs of hormonal changes are perceived; but, above all, it is essential that this personal knowledge be accompanied by contraceptive care, in case the adolescent has an active sexual life.

This myth is so strong that in Mexico, for lack of contraceptive care, a fifth of adolescents get pregnant during their first sexual relationship, and a third of pregnancies that occur within the first six months of sexual intercourse.

Myth 2: There are safe days for a woman not to get pregnant

False: There are no safe days to avoid conception . Many couples use the rhythm method or Ogino Knaus, without taking into account that the woman is not a "perfect machine". Situations such as diseases , medications, stress , or infections , among many others, alter the biological times in such a way that the ovulation It can occur at unpredictable times.

Myth 3: During menstruation, a woman can not get pregnant.

False: Cases of pregnancy during the menstruation when the ovulation In that phase of the cycle, therefore, no day or stage is absolutely safe.

On the other hand, specialists recommend avoiding unprotected intercourse during menstruation, because semen and blood they are means where microorganisms are transported causing diseases as hepatitis , gonorrhea , syphilis Y HIV AIDS .

If the couple wishes to have sex during the period, in any case, it is advisable that it be at the beginning or at the end of the menstruation, when the flow is lower; and always with protection.

Myth 4: During menstruation you can not and should not have sex.

False: For some people this can be unpleasant; however, there are couples who like it.

Many women are attracted to them because they feel more excited, and having sex during that period relieves them Colic , deflates breast and belly; In addition, it produces orgasms more intense.

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