4 foods against headache

The headache is a condition that has a great impact on society, due to the lifestyle Stressful from the actuality. This condition can be triggered by various circumstances such as depression , blows, problems of dream , dehydration, infections or body tension.

Experts say that food is key to generate or prevent the emergence of headache . So it works as the most effective natural method for the headache . Here we present some examples:

Caffeine: In small amounts, this substance helps relieve headaches, because it improves the blood circulation , provides energy and reduces the risk of suffering diseases cardiovascular You can find it in coffee, chocolate or in some infusions.

Omega-3 fatty acids : For him headache generated by the inflammation , salmon, sardines and flaxseed are ideal, because it reduces the discomfort or its appearance.

Watermelon : It is very common that headache is generated by dehydration, so the consumption of this food will help to recover the necessary liquids.

Spinach : It's rich in riboflavin , a kind of vitamin B, which has been linked for the prevention of migraines or for headache .

On the other hand, specialists recommend avoiding the intake of foods such as aged cheese, alcohol, processed meat, soy, bananas and nuts, because they are detonators of the headache .

Remember that another of the effective treatments for headache is to have a break repairman, to help you relax your body. And to you, how often does the head hurt?

Video Medicine: Migraine Headaches : Foods Causing Migraines (May 2021).