4 exercises vs foot pain

Our feet are the vehicle that takes us everywhere; however, on many occasions we neglect them and do not give them the break what they deserve. After a long day's work, the stress and tiredness is reflected in the pain of feet, so they need special care, which you can provide them with these exercises and advice from GetQoralHealth .


Relax them!

When you get home with tiredness and foot pain leave all your earrings aside and focus on this area of ​​your body with the following exercises :

  1. Walk barefoot: Take off your shoes, stretch your fingers, make circles with your feet and walk through the corridors of your house or in the garden grass. You will feel an immediate rest that will relieve the pain in your feet.

  2. Lace: Stand with your right body and with your shoulders relaxed, walk on tiptoe throughout the house. It is also good to jump, move your fingers in a circular way or try to grab objects with your toes.
  3. Exercise your fingers: Rest your foot on a tennis ball and move it from the toes to the heel, so that the ball rolls under the inside of the foot and arch.

  4. Goodbye varices: If you want to avoid the appearance of these annoying little veins, sit or lie on your back, extend your right leg and make small circles with your foot without moving your leg. Do it in both directions and see alternating the foot.


Comfort them!

Maybe all you want is to get home and forget everything, but if you apply these tips you will rest better and your feet will thank you:

  1. Dip: Dip your feet in warm water; add a handful of sea salt, a little mint or chamomile tea, or a few drops of orange essence, and massage them at night. You will notice how your foot pain will disappear.

  2. Comfort: When you are at home, stay barefoot or with cotton socks that breathe into the skin.
  3. Elevations: Every time you can, rest with your feet up. When you are in your bed place a pillow under your legs, this will allow a better blood circulation and will reduce tiredness and foot pain.

  4. Massage: After immersing them in water, dry them thoroughly and rub them with camphor alcohol.
  5. Bad smell: To avoid sweat and bad smell, soak them in lavender and sage tea.

  6. Smoothness: When you dip your feet, rub them with a pumice stone, dry them and apply a good moisturizer.
  7. Inflammation: If you have them very inflamed, alternate hot and cold water baths, so you will stimulate blood circulation and foot pain.

If you want your feet to look healthy and beautiful, once a week apply a moisturizer, put some cotton socks and sleep with them all night. The next day you will feel like the foot pain will have disappeared and its texture will be more pleasant.

Remember that you must take care of your feet as you do with the rest of your body, so do not forget to get a good pedicure and go to the podiatrist when you notice something strange on your feet. And you, how do you consent to your feet?

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