4 exercises to reduce the hip

For some women, the lower part of their body can become a problem because of the accumulation of grease in the buttocks and thighs, which generates aesthetic problems cellulitis or stretch marks . According to the portal Healthy food , there is an exercise routine to eliminate those beauty problems, especially to reduce the hip, strengthen and tone your body, in addition to increasing your self esteem :

Let us begin!

1.- Offset: Stand up straight, with your hands place a bar in the upper part of your back. Take a step with your right leg and flex until your left knee touches the floor. Return to the starting position. With this position you will burn the grease of the chaps and you will manage to reduce the hip.

2.- Extension: Put yourself in four points on the ground. Lift one leg and stretch it completely, as if kicking. Return to the starting position.

3.- Laterals: Lie on your side on the floor. Leave your head straight and raise your leg extended to about 70 degrees. Return to the starting position.

4.- Legs in the air: Place a small ball on your ankles and lie on your back fully straight. Raise your legs to a 90 degree angle, let your head rise a little and leave your arms stretched out next to your hips, so that they serve as support. Lower your legs and repeat.

Remember to make these exercises to reduce the hip at least four days a week, in three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions of each. In addition, you can supplement them with the use of dumbbells or league.

Try to combine this routine with a balanced diet free of fats and rich in diuretic foods. Visualize your goals and do the exercises Accompanied so that you have a motivation and achieve your goal.

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