4 exercises for pregnant women

Do exercise during the pregnancy It is very beneficial for both the mother and the baby. The physical activity It helps you feel healthy and relaxed, also strengthens your muscles and facilitates the work of Birth . GetQoralHealth suggests the following exercises for pregnant women

1. Stick the heels: Sit with your back straight and join the palms of your feet and heels. Breath deeply. As you breathe in, stretch the spine gently. East exercise improves circulation and flexibility of the pelvis .

2. Stretch the legs: Sit on the floor with your back straight, stretch and spread your legs. Keep the muscles of the legs and extend the heels. Breath deeply. East exercise helps you to relax muscles of the inner part of the thighs. Others exercises to relax the muscles during the pregnancy are the ones that he recommends David Pozos , Physical Director of Physicist :

3. Eliminates back pain: Place your knees and palms on the ground. Arch the column and hold the position for a few seconds. Return to the starting position slowly. This movement strengthens the abdominal muscles and relieves pain backwards.

4. Stretch the shoulders: Squat, with your knees apart and your buttocks glued to your heels, stand in front of a wall. Gently stretch your arms up and place your hands on the wall. Hold the position for a few seconds. This stretch helps you breathe better and tone up the muscles of the chest

Complement your routine with a balanced diet, in this way you avoid complications during the pregnancy and the Birth . Beware!

Video Medicine: Pelvic floor muscle exercises: How to do them (January 2021).