4 diseases that harm the couple!

When do you get sick what does your partner Does he take care of you or leave you to your fate? According to a study of the University of Michigan , sick wives raise the risk of divorce.

The investigation details that the risk of divorce it rises in couples where she has a serious illness; situation that does not happen when the husband is the affected.


4 diseases that harm the couple!

The researchers detail that there are specific conditions that wear down the Relationship , when they are the ones that have them:


  1. Cancer
  2. Heart disease
  3. Lung disease
  4. Stroke

Of 31% of marriage who divorced, 15% of them had a disease, says Amelia Karraker, a researcher at the University of Michigan

The incidence of new diseases Chronic increases over time, especially in women, so it becomes a new factor in divorce.

For researchers, when women are sick It may be that their husbands do not adequately fulfill the role of caretaker, so they are more likely to trust friends or other family members to care for her. And you, do you take good care of your partner when he gets sick?

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