4 asanas that improve your health

The benefits of practicing yoga steadily, they increase. Proof of this is that it is now proven that it reduces Headaches and optimize your quality dream . The information published on the portal Health.com , points out 4 benefits of this discipline; know them:

  • Decreases headache . Various investigations show that a simple headache or muscular , reduces with some postures of yoga , since your joints lubricate and your muscles de-stress. One of them is to sit in a lotus position and relax your arms and head.

  • Improve sex . In accordance with Journal of Sexual Medicinestudy, perform various positions such as cobra, allows you to exercise several pelvic movements, which improve your sexual performance.

With this position, you will also relax the muscles of your neck, back and arms.

  • Revitalize your dream . In addition to helping you reduce the stress Y anxiety , to practice yoga , allow you to have a good night's sleep and not suffer from insomnia . An example of asana is stretching your spine to touch your feet. This, causes your brain to be oxygenated.


  • Reduces back pain . If you want to say goodbye to Back pain , an excellent position is the upside down dog; It also benefits the health of your hip.

Remember that before performing any asana, you must have teachers in this discipline to avoid possible injuries to your joints or bones. Try it and improve your quality of life!

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